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Beginning in 2021 NON:op invites you to participate in our initiatives:


Beginning in 2021 NON:op invites you to participate in one of our initiatives: Unheard Voices. The Memory Project initiative provides opportunities for meaningful participation in the creative process from all who care to participate. Individual programs include Blood Lines, SAY THEIR NAMES, American Biography, L’s GA : Lincoln’s Gettysburg Address, and The Gas Heart. Click […]

Aural Neighborhoods: OHC Soundwalks, October 16-25

The economic disparities between different Chicago neighborhoods have been clearly identified and displayed in community activist and photographer Tonika Johnson’s Folded Map Project. From the perspective of sound and the field of acoustics, are these inequalities also apparent? For example, is the soundscape different in Lincoln Park and Englewood; Austin and the Gold Coast? How is it different and why?

HEAR BELOW Pedway Soundwalk Review

A personal account of HEAR BELOW: Listening to Chicago Underground, a Pedway soundwalk led by Christophe Preissing of NON:op Open Opera Works and Eric Leonardson of the Midwest Society of Acoustic Ecology with Alex Braidwood of Listening Instruments. February 14, 2020
By Sharon Hoyer


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