Aural Neighborhoods: Guided and Self-Guided Soundwalks 

NON:op Open Opera Works and Midwest Society for Acoustic Ecology partner with Chicago Architecture Center’s Open House Chicago to present Aural Neighborhoods: Listening to Neighborhood Chicago—two soundwalks that reveal the aural characteristics within the built environment of diverse Chicago neighborhoods.

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SAY THEIR NAMES: Remembering Black Americans killed by police violence

An ongoing research and mapping project intended to identify, locate, and remember Black Americans killed by police since 1919. Formally launched in January 2021, and is currently staffed by Lead Researcher-Supervisor, Ronald Browne; Project Manager, Dr. Saba Ayman-Nolley; Northeastern Illinois University academic supervisor for map development. It is designed with an open-ended timeline to permit several successive years of research, the development of an interactive map, and the accumulation of community contributions.

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Viral Silence: Community Portraits in Response to Covid-19

A statewide collaborative community commissioning and virtual touring program that captures local experiences and responses to Covid-19, featuring new work by JoVia Armstrong in collaboration with Stephan Moore, Edward Breitweiser, and X.

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