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To participate in the SAY THEIR NAMES online video installation, download the video instructions and list of names of Black persons killed by law enforcement in the United States since 1919. Using your smart phone or other device, video record yourself saying the name, age, race, and time, place, and manner of death of one person. Choose a location for your background and record your video in landscape mode. Be aware that excessive background sound may make your voice inaudible. Speak loudly, clearly, and at a moderate speed. Additional notes may be found with the video instruction document.

If you would like to read more than one name, please record each in a separate file. If you are able, please edit your video as you would like it to be presented. (See the sample videos on the Individual Video Readings page.) If you would like us to edit your video please let us know in the form.

Then, fill out this FORM. You will receive an email reply with a link to upload your video. Most fields are required, though you may remain anonymous and opt out of receiving future emails from us. You must include your email so that we can send you the upload link and check the release box in order for us to include your video in NON:onLINE and as part of the SAY THEIR NAMES online video installation.

Demographic questions are optional and encouraged. We ask for this information to help us create diversity among the readers and to allow viewers of the completed installation to customize their viewing experience. And it will be helpful for us as we apply for funding to support this and other programs in The Memory Project.

Ron Browne—one of the original Blood Lines readers—is building a database of Black persons killed by law enforcement since 1919. This installation will manifest in the coming months and will grow as more and more names are added to the database. If you would like to find out more about the SAY THEIR NAMES project, contribute to this database, or assist Ron with this important research, please contact us at non [at] nonopera [dot] org. Once this database is posted you may select and record yourself reading names from this list. Compensation for participation is the same as for the Blood Lines project.

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Contributors will be compensated for each reading included in the SAY THEIR NAMES video installation at $5 per video, with five ($25) being the maximum per contributor. You may choose to receive your honorarium directly (via Zelle or PayPal), donate your honorarium back to NON:op to support this and other participatory programs, or have your honorarium donated to Black Lives Matter or another non-profit organization. (See the participation form for details.)

Selection Criteria
Video readings will be reviewed by NON:op and selected for the SAY THEIR NAMES video installation based on the following criteria:
– Audio and video are understandable and clear.
– Audio and video do NOT contain profanity or hate speech.

Additionally, videos will be selected based on insuring a diversity of readers with a maximum of five readings per name and not more than five submissions per reader.

Because SAY THEIR NAMES is an ongoing project, there is no deadline for video submission and we will continue to add names to the list well into 2021 and beyond. We will post individual video readings to the SAY THEIR NAMES Installation page periodically, and we are developing a live online manifestation of the project in 2021.

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NameGenderAgeDateCityStateCause of DeathReadings
Kendrec McDadeMale193/24/2012PasadenaCAGunshot0
Rekia BoydFemale223/21/2012ChicagoILGunshot0
Shereese FrancisFemale303/15/2012New YorkNYsuffocated by police0
Wendell AllenMale203/7/2012New OrleansLAGunshot0
Manuel Loggins, Jr.Male312/7/2012San ClementeCAGunshot0
Remarley GrahamMale182/2/2012BronxNYGunshot0
Oscar GrantMale221/1/2009OaklandCAGunshot0
Tarika WilsonFemale261/4/2008LimaOHGunshot0
Sean BellMale2311/25/2006JamaicaNYGunshot0
Kathryn JohnstonFemale9211/21/2006AtlantaGAGunshot0
Alberta SpruillFemale575/16/2003New YorkNYheart attack/police-induced trauma0
Kendra JamesFemale215/5/2003PortlandORGunshot0
Kayla MooreFem?ale412/12/2003BerkeleyCAdied in police custody0
LaTanya HaggertyFemale266/4/1999ChicagoILGunshot0
Margaret LaVerneFemale545/21/1999Gunshot0
Amadou DialloMale232/4/1999New YorkNYmultiple gunshots0
Tyisha MillerFemale1912/28/1998RubidouxCAGunshot0
Frankie Anne PerkinsFemale373/22/1997ChicagoILkilled in police custody0
Edmund PerryMale176/12/1985New YorkNYGunshot0
Eleanor BumpursFemale6610/29/1984New YorkNYGunshot0
Randolph EvansMale1511/25/1976New YorkNYGunshot0