The Gas Heart2020 NON:op Open Opera Works

[ PARTICIPATE ] in The Gas Heart

Create a TikTok video with an excerpt from The Gas Heart and you may end up in our production of this Dada classic!

To participate in our video production of Tristan Tzara’s The Gas Heart first fill out this FORM. You will receive an email reply with a link to upload your video if you are not sharing it via TikTok. Most fields are required, though you may remain anonymous and opt out of receiving future emails from us. You must include your email so that we can send you the upload link and check the release box in order for us to include your video in NON:onLINE and as part of The Gas Heart online video production.

Demographic questions are optional and encouraged. We ask for this information to help us insure diversity among contributors, and on the off chance that we are able to secure funding for this and other programs in The Memory Project.

Next, create a TikTok video response to one of our excerpts from The Gas Heart. Look for nonopera on TikTok or use the links below to navigate to the video clips on YouTube. Use our sound, or record your own sound. Then, friend nonopera and share the TikTok clip or use the link to to send it to us. That’s all there is to it!

Consider submitting a video an act of resistance, a political statement, your American duty.

There is a rolling deadline for submitting The Gas Heart act 1 TikTok videos.

If you have questions or would like more information, please contact non [at] nonopera [dot] org.

• • •

NON:op will compensate contributors for each video we select to be included in The Gas Heart online video production at $45 per video, with two ($90) being the maximum per contributor. You may choose to receive your honorarium directly (via Zelle or PayPal), donate your honorarium back to NON:op to support this and other programs, or donate your honorarium to Black Lives Matter or another non-profit of your choice. (Please see the participation form for details.)

Selection Criteria
TikTok videos will be reviewed by NON:op and selected for The Gas Heart online video production based on the following criteria:
• Audio and video are understandable and clear, timing matches that of the original video.
• Creativity and relevance to current political, social, and cultural climate.
• Audio and video do NOT contain profanity or hate speech.

Additionally, videos will be selected based on insuring diversity among contributors with a maximum of two selections per contributing artist.

• • •

Act I Video Clips

Act II Video Clips

Act III Video Clips

coming soon!