Blood Lines Map

Death locations marked on a neighborhood map of the 1919 uprising recreated on the floor of Augustana Lutheran Church of Hyde Park

Blood Lines – SAY THEIR NAMES consists of three overlapping online installations: Blood Lines, an online version of the 2019 installation at Augustana Lutheran Church of Hyde Park in which we remembered both Black and White persons killed in the 1919 Chicago Race Riot; SAY THEIR NAMES, a new online installation with readings of the names of Black persons killed by law enforcement since 1919; and in 2021, a live streamed version that includes both Blood Lines and SAY THEIR NAMES.

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Blood Lines – Online Video Installation

In the 2019 Blood Lines installation, we remembered those killed in the 1919 Chicago Race Riot. At two performances, Hyde Park community members read the name, age, race, and time, place, and manner of death of each person killed in sequence and in time with the long wire installation.

We are seeking a diverse group of readers for an online video recreation of the Blood Lines installation. During this time of social distancing and cultural change we invite you to participate in this project by video recording yourself reading the name of one or more persons killed in the 1919 uprising. Readings will be combined with sound from the original long wire installation at Augustana and a video with maps, historical newspaper accounts and images, a timeline, images from the live installation, and current images from the neighborhood where the uprising occurred.

NON:op will continue to accept video readings for Blood Lines in order to create an interactive experience of the installation.

Click on PARTICIPATE in the menu on the right for selection criteria and detailed information on how to participate.

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Our democracy is challenged by systemic oppression, racism, and murder of Black persons; by economic hardship and political degradation; by unbridled capitalism and greed; by the destruction of our environment. As we struggle through the darkness of multiple crises—of our own making—we wish to remember Black persons marginalized by systemic oppression, racism, and murder. SAY THEIR NAMES extends the reading of Blood Lines names to include Black persons killed by law enforcement since 1919.

Ron Browne—one of the original Blood Lines readers—along with NON:op, is building a database of Black persons killed by law enforcement since 1919. This installation will manifest in the coming months and will grow as more and more names are added to the database. If you would like to contribute to this database, or if you would like to assist Ron with this important research please contact him at ronaldbrowne [at] nonopera [dot] org. Once this database is posted you may select and record yourself reading names from this list. Compensation for participation is the same as for Blood Lines above.

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In 2021 we are producing a live-streamed installation that includes readings from both Blood Lines and SAY THEIR NAMES using Zoom, OBS, and YouTube.

If you are interested in participating in any of these online installations, or have questions, please contact Christophe at non [at] nonopera [dot] org for more information.

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Historical Newspaper Accounts of the 1919 Chicago Race Riot
courtesy Ron Browne

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