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Tristan Tzara, The Gas Heart, , 1921, translated by Michael Benedikt

Tristan Tzara, The Gas Heart, translated by , Publisher, Year

Tristan Tzara, Le Coeur à Gaz, Der Sturm, 1923, vol. 13, no. 3

What is Dada?


05 Jun 1920 — Opening of the 1st International Dada fair in the bookshop of the Dr. Burchard in Berlin (Germany). Standing from left to right: Raoul Hausmann, Otto Burchard, Johannes Baader, Wieland and Margarete Herzfelde, George Grosz, John Heartfield. Sitting: Hannah Höch and Otto Schmalhausen. On June 5, 1920. — Image by © adoc-photos/Corbis