To participate in the Blood Lines online installation, download the instructions and list of names of those killed in the 1919 uprising. Using your smart phone or other device, video record yourself saying the name, age, race, and time, place, and manner of death of one of the dead. Choose any location for your background and record your video in landscape mode. Speak loudly, clearly, and at a moderate speed. If you would like to do more than one reading, please record each in a separate file. If you are able, please edit your video as you would like it to be presented. (See the video of the 1919 Blood Lines reading at Augustana Lutheran Church at the right for examples.)

Then, fill out this brief form. You will receive an email reply with a link to upload your video. All fields are required, though you may remain anonymous and opt out of receiving future emails from us. You must include your email so that we can send you the upload link and check the release box in order for us to include your video in NON:onLINE and our online installation of Blood Lines. If you would like us to edit your video please let us know in the form. Most important are the compensation questions. Please read carefully and answer all questions.

The deadline for receipt of video submissions for the Blood Lines online installation is Monday, September 14.

In exchange for your contribution to Blood Lines, you will receive a $5 honorarium for every video we include in the online installation (up to 5). You may choose to receive the money yourself, or you may opt to donate the money back to NON:op to support this and other participatory programs, or you may have your honorarium donated to Black Lives Matter.

Note: The Blood Lines online installation will include a video of images from historic newspaper articles and images, last year’s installation, current neighborhood images, and a historical timeline. For this installation we will only present one reading of each of the 38 deaths. See below for a list of available names available to read.

• • •

Information on participating in the SAY THEIR NAMES installation will be available soon. We are creating a database of black persons killed by law enforcement since 1919. If you would like to assist with this research, or if you have the name and information of a person you would like to add to the database, please contact Ron Browne at non [at] nonopera [dot] org.

• • •

Blood Lines – SAY THEIR NAMES will manifest as an online video that includes the names of persons killed in the 1919 uprising, an installation that includes the names of other black persons killed by law enforcement since 1919, and a live streamed version in 2021 that includes only the names of the persons killed in Chicago in 1919. In addition we are hoping to create an interactive timeline and map locating all of those killed by law enforcement since 1919. If you have any questions, or would like to volunteer to assist with developing this project, please contact Christophe at non [at] nonopera [dot] org for more information.