Create a TikTok video with an excerpt from The Gas Heart and you may end up in our production of this Dada classic!

To participate in our video production of Tristan Tzara’s The Gas Heart first fill out this FORM. All fields are required, though you may opt out of the attribution and receiving additional emails from us. Most important are the compensation questions. Please read carefully.

Next, create a TikTok video response to one of our excerpts from The Gas Heart. Look for nonopera on TikTok or use the links below to navigate to the video clips on YouTube. Use our sound, or record your own sound. Then, friend nonopera and share the TikTok clip or email it to non [at] nonopera [dot] org. That’s all there is to it!

Act I Video Clips on YouTube

“But Yes” –
“Isn’t It?” –

Act II Video Clips on YouTube

Act III Video Clips on YouTube