American Biography

American Biography is inspired by Gertrude Stein’s American Biography: Why Waste It? from her book Useful Knowledge

We are at the beginning
NON:op’s AMERICAN BIOGRAPHY will be available to visit as it grows

NON:op is building a shared online American Biography, an ongoing project,
a place for reading, watching, and listening to histories, stories, and memories — about experiences with America.
We invite you to contribute writing, poetry, video, audio, or any combination, whether you:

  • live in America
  • are visiting America
  • are experiencing America from outside America

This month we are adding histories of missing sounds to the American Biography:
What have you not heard?
What voices, whose voices, have you not heard?
Whose voices did you not hear?
Whose voices did you miss hearing?
Whose voices could you not hear?

Begin with what you remember.

Each month, with your permission, we will publish your materials
as additions to the American Biography. Use this short form to contribute.

Our American Biography is useful knowledge for the future history we are making now.

Find “they do not listen to hear” in Gertrude Stein’s American Biography: Why Waste It?
=> on page 166 in her book Useful Knowledge