In response to Covid-19, in response to the killing of black persons by law enforcement and America’s structural racism, in response to the current political environment in which we find ourselves, NON:op Open Opera Works is currently developing multiple participatory projects to allow lost, unheard, and neglected voices to be heard. We are tentatively calling this initiative calling THE MEMORY PROJECT. Beginning this month, and over the next three to five years we will ask for contributions from citizen musicians, writers, artists, performers, and all creatives and audiences, to be presented in online formats and in-person manifestations.

Each of these projects will focus on different aspects of our American experience, and will ask for different types of participation and contributions from you. While we develop this set of ambitious projects, we expect to make mistakes, and that each of them will develop in their own time, in their own way. Beginning in 2021 as we begin to understand and to address the problems that face America, each of these projects will have one or more live, physical, performance-based manifestations that we hope will include your participation.

These projects include:
The Gas Heart
American Biography
LsGA: Lincoln’s Gettysburg Address